George Horhota

toronto“I believe that the true measure of a community is how well it respects and supports its elderly.  Ivan Franko provides a loving and caring environment for Ukrainian seniors. After a lifetime of contributing to our community, overcoming challenges and raising families, our seniors deserve nothing less than the best.”



Larissa Tkachenko

toronto“Each time I visit the Ivan Franko Homes, I feel their warmth, respect and українська гостинність, and see the commitment and devotion of our Executive Director, Administrators and staff. I am so grateful that our Ukrainian-Canadian seniors are able to enjoy the very best of care and comfort in absolutely beautiful settings and in a truly traditional Ukrainian cultural environment. I am privileged to serve on the Board and be part of the team that ensures the physical, moral and spiritual well-being of our seniors.”



Yuri Chumak
Corporate Secretary

toronto “The management and staff of Ivan Franko Homes embrace the values of innovation, integrity, respect and provide a family-friendly and holistic approach to delivering health care. I admire the history and heritage of Ivan Franko Homes, founded by Dr. Pasternak, a devoted Ukrainian patriot and administrator of considerable distinction.”



Ihor Perehinec

toronto“It is my belief that as a community, it is our responsibility to provide our seniors with the utmost care and comfort in a cultural environment that they can best relate to. Ivan Franko Homes provides that opportunity with our Ukrainian traditions, common language, and most of all, within a recognized Ukrainian setting. Our elders have worked hard throughout their lives contributing so much to our community. They now deserve the best. I am proud and privileged to serve on the Board and work together with my fellow Board members, Administration and staff to make Ivan Franko Homes truly an exceptional place of care and comfort for our Ukrainian Canadian seniors. ”



Mykola Moros toronto

“It’s an excellent institution - an environment where the well-being and enjoyment of the elderly is of paramount importance.”



Walentyna Rodak

toronto“Ivan Franko Homes offer an exceptional environment of care and comfort for our Ukrainian Canadian seniors, along with cultural recreation.  The Homes, with their dedicated Executive Director, administrators and staff, truly form a wonderful and special team.”



Raya Shadursky

toronto“Ivan Franko Homes provide hope for our seniors and upcoming ‘new’ seniors with care, understanding & support in their ‘golden years’.  After years of raising families, building community life & maintaining Ukrainian culture & language, Ivan Franko is a centre of solace providing comfort - a home away from home for its residents.”





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