The Home offers a variety of activities and events that keep the residents engaged, active and interacting with others.  Activities offered at the Long-Term Care Centre are voluntary and cater to a variety of different personalities and interests.  An activity calendar is posted on bulletin boards and provided to the residents every month.  The activities are held in the main floor dining room, activity rooms on each floor, sitting areas, halls, balconies and terraces that provide an exquisite view of the ravine.  The diversity of activities and locations that they are held in provides the residents with adventure and variety.  Some of the activities offered include:


Daily Activities:

  • Morning Exercises
  • News and weather updates
  • Sing alongs
  • Newspaper, poetry, book and magazine reading
  • Discussions
  • Table games, leisure games, sorting-matching games, jigsaw puzzles
  • Individual activities: One on one programs
  • Television and Radio Programs
  • Storytelling

Weekly and Monthly Activities:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Divine Liturgy
  • Bingo
  • Bowling
  • Concerts and visitors from the community
  • Trips, gardening, walks
  • Painting, drawing, colouring
  • Ethnic Crafts: pysanky decorating, embroidery
  • Poetry Club, Political Club, Beauty Club
  • Choir and Reciting Club
  • Scheduled outings for residents
  • Residents’ Council
  • Aesthetics services


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